Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talk-to-me tactic #1- Everyday Holidays

I realize I have gone a bit out of order in revealing my talk-to-me tactics that I told you about earlier this month. Since the captain is out of town this weekend I have a little bit of extra time on my hands and so I am using it to bring everyone up to speed.

My first talk-to-me tactic came to me in a fit of inspiration one day as I was making the daily schedules for my department. When I was an RA I used to put random daily holidays on the message board on my door for the girls on my hall to see and giggle about. They ranged from actual holidays such as St. Patrick's day to We love broccoli day, which is coming up tomorrow actually (March 22).

As I sat working on my schedules thinking about how much I would love to talk to somebody it struck. "I could put random holidays on the daily schedules!" Yes. That could definitely work.

And guess what? It did! The very first day the scheduling guru chatted me up quite properly. A little more belated was my tea buddy. He has started commenting on the holidays nearly every day! Woot Woot! Speak to me!

In signing off, just to spread the joy, here are this weeks holidays:

Monday, March 22

International Goof-Off Day

Tuesday, March 23
National Chip and Dip day

Wednesday, March 24
National Chocolate Covered Raisins day

Thursday, March 25

National Waffle Day

Friday, March 26

No homework day-Annually the last Friday in March

(On this day teachers are not supposed to assign homework. Most students don't really think about this however because they are usually on spring break. It seems to me that they could have placed this holiday at a time when it would be more appreciated...)

Saturday, March 27

Photography day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things that rhyme with Farkle...


I am so excited! My friend gave me a gift tonight. A sparkly gift. One that I have been keeping my eye on and intending to buy from her shop on Etsy for the past few months. Galaxy earrings! I am thrilled. I have a sneaky feeling that they could be talk-to-me tactic #4. Thanks friend!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Date night stories

So today at work I got a great idea for date night:
  • Go to Hastings and write a short story using book titles
I know! I'm a genius. Anyway, after the captain and I went out for mexican food and spent our time pondering the great mysteries of the world (as posed by tidbits), we headed to the book store and composed these masterpieces. I've bolded the book titles.

Gregor, the Overlander and eldest lightening thief was a wicked highland sinner. His sweetheart, the other daughter of Dracula, was a mistress of the art of death. They would prey on each other with animal instincts in the comany of cheerful ladies, calling it holy sex, and leaving them in a state of fear. But then, a pure reader of the Bible, an unquiet mind, came to try and influence the everlost with the secret to true happiness. This was a smack to their faces and gave them peace like a river.

MY STORY (Slightly shorter because I restarted 15 minutes in)
The known world is virgin earth. A separate country on the rocks. One hundred years of solitude in the waste land brings a year of wonders. In the company of cheerful ladies, Cavelli's lost heir, Eon, is the black sheep.The joy of pregnancy is Lost on her and without a backward glance, Eon escapes into thin air.

The 'book of lies' fall
s and is gone, but not forgotten on the road. The historians live one day at a time, prisoners of hope, because hope dies last...

I know. I want to read them too.