Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unlikely import

A couple weeks ago the captain and I watched this news story about "The Coupon Mom." This woman is amazing, buying $100 worth of groceries for $.25. I was inspired. So I have begun clipping coupons myself. This practice really has paid off and today it was good for a laugh when I ran across this.

Not an import you would expect in Walla Walla Washington is it?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Umbilical Brothers

So, the Captain and I happened upon a gem on YouTube the other day. They go under the alias of "The Umbilical Brothers." Since it is late I am just going to show you rather than try to explain how awesome they are.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gleaner Fame

So, the Captain and I went climbing on Tuesday night for the first time in, well, ages. It was lovely to be back among fellow climbers after our long absence. While there we met a girl from Upper Columbia Academy named Danielle. She and I struck up a conversation and it turned out that this was her 3rd time climbing and she was all alone. The Captain and I had just finished eating copious amounts of Thai food so I offered to belay her (since I had no intention of climbing). She was thrilled. As we chatted the Captain walked by and I stopped him for introductions. It was then that we had our first brush with stardom. "Wait, what were your names again? Michael and Summer Lee? THE Michael and Summer Lee? I totally recognize you guys from the Gleaner! You guys were in Borneo or something like that, right?"

We just stood there, baffled, wondering what had just happened. "Oh, my gosh. We're famous. From the GLEANER," I thought in disbelief. "This is AWESOME."

This is our claim to fame.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Launch

So, my awesome sister Jaime has written a book. About chocolate. "How could it get any better?" you may ask? Well, since I got to format/edit it my name is in the book too. Somebody needs to slap me. My head is in the clouds. I have my name in a book. Anyway, this clearly isn't about me. It's about her and her fantastic accomplishment. Here's a synopsis for all of you:

From its genesis in primordial pre-Venezuelan jungles to its seductive shaping of European dynasties, chocolate has long held its consumers in thrall.

Liv Deirdre Solomon is a 20 something with ageless wanderlust and a past filled with challenges.

Nora Evangelina Harrison, a woman in her mid 40's with an eye for the rarified and unique.

In a tale dancing through space and time, Liv and Nora encounter ancient secrets of life passed down through wise elders and whispers of wisdom that all smell vaguely of longing, vitality and cacao...

Buy Theobroma Gypsies online now!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Spartans of Senior Survival '10

The last night of WWVA's senior survival was quite a memorable one. Each night during the week, the girls and guy's would introduce themselves in clever sing song ways. On Thursday night, the girls all managed to get in on one giant cheer that left the guys surprised and jiggered that they had not thought of it first. (The captain was slightly terrified because he was surrounded by girls when we all stood up unexpectedly and began to chant.) In any case, on Saturday night when cheer time came all the men were mysteriously absent. When one of their numbers were called, one lone student wearing naught but a Depends diaper and a carrying a walking stick, stood up in front of his female classmates and shouted out into the night, "Senior class! Who are we?" And from behind us came the chant of spartan warriors, "Hua! Hua! Hua!" followed by the sound of cracking branches and war cries. They emerged from the darkness running as one, the men of the '10 senior class and their counselors. Every last one of them in boxers, briefs, or giant diapers. It certainly was a sight I won't soon forget. After circling us they filed to the front and sang a chorus of 'Who let the dogs out?' and a ballad of their own design. The latter is below.

Sung to the tune of "Can you feel the love tonight?"

I haven't changed my undies, (What?)
In a matter of days (Sick)
Just brought one pair, but now regretting it
This itch has got me crazed

No time for doing laundry
Tomorrow we return
But until then we'll serenade you all
While your nostrils burn,

Can you smell the stench tonight
It is where we are
It's enough for these wide-eyed wanderers
That it's come this far

Come and smell the stench tonight
before you go to rest
It's enough to make queens like you dry heave
Believe us! It's our best.