Monday, August 29, 2011

Captain Destructo Strikes Again

So The Captain and I have been trying something new recently. Feeling slightly guilty about leaving dog face alone in a kennel for hours on end, we decided to try putting him out on our lanai instead. It was bigger, had a view and since we had cleared it off there was nothing on it for him to destroy, well except for the screen door but we weren't terribly worried about that.

From the get-go it was a great idea. He wasn't nearly so whiny and distressed when we left (not that he complained much to begin with) and he seemed much more contented in general.

Now weather I should or not, I, like most good mothers, seem to have an unwavering faith in my little dog-child. No matter how many times he has transgressed against us I am always willing to give him another chance, because I know that he has learned his lesson and won't do it again. The Captain on the other hand doesn't buy into this philosophy at all. He looks at Jasper and sees a juvenile delinquent who is poised and ready to strike whenever our backs are turned.

Keeping this in mind, there have been times over the past two weeks when hot days have made me think that closing the screen door alone would be sufficient. At these times however The Captain has nicely yet firmly reminded me that our dog is a villain and that if we planned on having a working screen door upon our return we had better just use the glass door instead. "Oh posh!" I've thought to myself in those moments. "He hasn't destroyed anything in weeks! I'm sure he would leave it alone." But in the back of my mind, common sense and Cesar Millan tell me not to set my dog up for failure and so I conceded and lock him in his glass cage.

Well this morning while The Captain and I were at work and Jasper was home on the lanai we had a rainstorm of epic proportions. Jasper hates water falling from the sky. I'm guessing it gives him terrifying flashbacks to his most recent shower. In any case this is what I came home to.

Evidently before we left this morning we shut both doors instead of just one. The result? I get to learn how to apply screen to a sliding door. It's okay though. I'm sure he won't do it again.