Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spot News-Speed Dating

David Robbins, a senior at Walla Walla University, takes a break from studying Thursday night to attend the ASWWU sponsored speed dating event. Taking place in Kellogg Hall attendees had two minutes with each member of the opposite sex before moving on to the next person. The event lasting 2 hours gave you the opportunity to meet 60 new people. 
- Thursday, January 15, 2009.  
Every one knows, though few will admit the real reason for speed dating. One man came prepared in case he found Mrs. Right. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Job Search

Michael Lee relaxes in his armchair before starting another day of job searching. Returning to the Walla Walla Valley in December from a year serving as a student missionary, Lee discovered that finding a job in his field and in the present economy was harder than he had anticipated. "My problem is that I am an educator and I came at the wrong time of the year. Jobs that don't require a certain level of expertise are hard to come by because everyone is competing for them."

Lee has job experience working in Libraries. Hoping to find a job at a local book and game shop Lee's efforts were thwarted when the store stopped accepting applications 3 days after their help ad was posted.

These are the shoes Lee wears at home. The pair he has used to run around town are getting in their miles. Many others besides Lee have met with the same difficulties.