Monday, March 2, 2009

Fire fighters

Wednesday, February 25,2009 - P Tonn has been a fire fighter for 15 years. When asked why he has done it for so long he replied, “I love it. I get to meet people on the worst day of their life and make it better.”

A day in the Life of Mindy

Mindy Vixie, Senior Mass Communications major, sits in the lobby of a hotel in Whistler, B.C. journaling for her Magazine Article Writing class over Snow Frolic weekend. Under her arm is one of her favorite magazines, Martha Stewart Living. “This magazine inspires me. Each month it’s like getting a new brain. You suddenly have all these crazy new ideas and you want to try all of them!” Her eclectic style and love of recycling is mirrored in her fur hat that she picked up at an antique store.