Monday, February 9, 2009

Faces of the Music

Yaacov "Yaki" Bergman is the director of the Walla Walla Symphony Orchestra. Born in Israel, Bergman showed an early interest in composition and conducting. He is able to draw what he wants to hear out of his musicians.

Sharon Thompson has been apart of the Walla Walla Symphony for 50 years. Her passion is evident as she draws her bow across the stings of her violin that has a carved lions head for the scroll.

Clay Wick is a retiree from the TriCities. His stance playing his bass does not reveal the playful side of character that is quick to laugh and kind at heart.

Faces of the Music Part 2

This was Greg Youmans' second time in Walla Walla. He has played the Bass for 40 years and has made a career of freelancing his talents to various orchestras and teaching lessons.

Juliet Stratton is a harp teacher in the Bellview area. With a quick whit and easy smile she makes her music come alive.

Pete Crawford has played the trombone in the Walla Walla Symphony for 14 years. As a music teacher at Whitman college, Crawford normally spends his time with baton in hand directing the concert band. You can see that he enjoys playing just as much.

Faces of the Music Part 3

"I spent 40 years of my life as a psychologist working in New York," said Chuck Eaton, who has driven from Richland for the past three years to play bass trombone in the symphony. "I enjoyed it," he said with a smile, "but 40 years is enough." Now that he is retired he gets to spend his time immersed in music. "Not everyone gets a second chance. I'm lucky because now I get to do what I love."Eaton is a feisty 71 years-old and though he took a break from his instrument for a number of years he has played since he was 10. "I looked into playing in the TriCities Orchestra but they already had three bass trombonists. I came to the Walla Walla Symphony because they needed one." Although he loved New York, Eaton said that he likes it here as well. "There is a definite pace to life in New York, and it doesn't work as well for older people. It's just easy to live here!" When he is not practicing with the WWSO Chuck spends his time playing in a Jazz band.

Barbra "Barb" Lubbes has played tympani in the symphony for 23 years because, she says with a grin, "It's dramatic!"

Faces of the Music Part 4

The Cellists

Alex Abrams is a senior Cello performance major at Whitman College. His face is reminiscent of Beethoven as he plays.

Benjamin Gish is the director the symphony, and handbells at Walla Walla Valley Academy. He also teaches cello to various students around College Place and Walla Walla. His involvement in the symphony is yet another outlet for his talents.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Athlete

Adriel Robles, freshman, mathematics major, spikes the ball Sunday during warm up at the Walla Walla University Invitational volleyball tournament held in the Winter Educational Complex. Six teams from Washington and Idaho played at the tournament that took place Sunday, Jan. 25. The WWU team took third place behind University of Washington and Tri Cities Puma. In volleyball, tall players normally have an advantage over the shorter, but Robles a man of average height commented that, “It’s not how tall you are its how you play the game.”