Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday, November 27- I'm on a boat...

I got to drive a freaking boat today! Look, look, look! 
That's me! I got to steer and wear the skipper's hat and everything!! 
This was my trusty ship, the Ernest Kemp. 
Look how brave and sturdy she is! This is Simon, the skipper. He was awesome.
This is where we went and what we saw!
Maori cliff carvings! (This is where you "ooo" and "ah" appropriately.) Yes! They were pretty awesome to behold.
Don't be deceived though. They're only 33 years old, having been carved in 1980. It took a year to complete and was done by two local Maori artists. The impressive thing, other than their size obviously is their rarity. Since wood is incredibly plentiful in New Zealand, carvings were and are rarely produced in stone. This piece, if taken care of properly, will someday be both old and rare. That's forward thinking chaps! Well done.
Certainly worth $35 to see. Hmmm let's see what else... Ah! Did I mention that I got to captain a boat today!? 
All aboard! 

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  1. AAAAHhh you're so cute. I think you found your calling ;-)